Cocktail Trends In 2017 Are A Revival

Cocktail trends 2017 has to offer are more of a revitalization than a novelty. History repeats itself in all aspects of life. Libations are no different and the cocktails of 2017 certainly prove this. It used to be that a trend introduced something new. More and more trends are revitalizations of past innovations. The trend in cocktails is to update drinks from the past and to make them current renditions of old favorites.

Some drink trends feature drinks that’s have never really gone too far off the radar. Martinis have long been a famous drink that have never lost favor amongst bar goers. What has changed is the blend and flavors that comprise today’s martini. Lower proof cocktails have become popular. Martinis that contain more vermouth or flavored liqueurs are appearing to appeal to the desire for less potency and more flavor.

Other drinks that are on trend have spent years collecting dust on shelves. Port, Sherry and Rose are making a showing in 2017 drink establishments. They are old recipes that have been injected with new flavors and packaging. All three of these drinks have been given a wide range and diversity in flavors to appeal to a wider audience. Bartenders and mixologist around the country are educating themselves with these libations from the past and breathing new life into them.

The 2017 cocktail trends are even incorporating old favorites from different countries into the spirits revival. In France it is called an aperitif, in Italy it is an aperitivo and it is popular in either language. It is another low proof alcohol full of flavor. They are to be consumed, before dinner or with appetizers, in order to prepare your digestive system for the coming meal. They are made with a host of flavors from citrus fruits to herbs. Different regions in these countries will have their own individual aperitif or aperitivo. This particular drink has not really been revitalized as much as introduced to the other side of the Atlantic.

Every once in a while a truly novel idea comes along. The rest of the time new ideas and trends are more like modified variations of old ideas and trends. This is true in many aspects of life and certainly in the drink world. It does not mean however, that these reintroductions are not as exciting, new, and fresh feeling. In fact, these revivals are well received and people are often grateful to be reminded of something great they almost forgot.