Restaurants With Events Are More Fun

 Restaurants with events or shows are a great way to make the most of your evening. Restaurants that offered a dinner show used to be a thing of the past. However, dinner shows are making a big resurgence. A Winnipeg Restaurant that does not have regular accommodations for a show will often have special events or performances occasionally to compete with venues that regularly host both dinner and entertainment.

Dinner shows are convenient and economical. Many venues that offer this service will have a price that encompasses the meal and the ticket price for the entertainment. The price is often much less than the amount you would spend in two different venues. It is also really convenient to get dinner and entertainment in the same place. No longer is it necessary to eat really early or really late just to catch a show.

Several venues, that used to be exclusively for entertainment, have incorporated restaurants to make them more lucrative and sought after. Many movie theaters are installing fully operational kitchens. It eliminates having to choose between dinner or a movie. It also eliminates popcorn for dinner. Several comedy clubs have incorporated restaurants as well. Not only is it an additional draw to the comedy club, it allows for a longer show without the fear of losing customers during the dinner hour. Dinner theaters have made a big comeback as patrons have realized the variety of entertainment out there to enjoy when you no longer have to choose between dinner or entertainment.

On the other side, several restaurants will feature music or events on the weekends in order to capture some of the business that would be lost to a movie or a concert. It is also a terrific way for a restaurant to add something new to the ambiance. Event promoters will often search outside the box for a suitable venue. Restaurants will often have the extra space to host an event while maintaining dinner operations. Again, it is always an added benefit for a patron to receive a show while eating their dinner.

Restaurants with shows or shows with restaurants it does not matter. It is a win for both the patrons, entertainers, and business owners. It economizes your money and time spent on a night out without compromising the quality of the experience. No longer do you have to choose entertainment over a meal. it is easy to indulge in both without even having to get up from your table.

Cocktail Trends In 2017 Are A Revival

Cocktail trends 2017 has to offer are more of a revitalization than a novelty. History repeats itself in all aspects of life. Libations are no different and the cocktails of 2017 certainly prove this. It used to be that a trend introduced something new. More and more trends are revitalizations of past innovations. The trend in cocktails is to update drinks from the past and to make them current renditions of old favorites.

Some drink trends feature drinks that’s have never really gone too far off the radar. Martinis have long been a famous drink that have never lost favor amongst bar goers. What has changed is the blend and flavors that comprise today’s martini. Lower proof cocktails have become popular. Martinis that contain more vermouth or flavored liqueurs are appearing to appeal to the desire for less potency and more flavor.

Other drinks that are on trend have spent years collecting dust on shelves. Port, Sherry and Rose are making a showing in 2017 drink establishments. They are old recipes that have been injected with new flavors and packaging. All three of these drinks have been given a wide range and diversity in flavors to appeal to a wider audience. Bartenders and mixologist around the country are educating themselves with these libations from the past and breathing new life into them.

The 2017 cocktail trends are even incorporating old favorites from different countries into the spirits revival. In France it is called an aperitif, in Italy it is an aperitivo and it is popular in either language. It is another low proof alcohol full of flavor. They are to be consumed, before dinner or with appetizers, in order to prepare your digestive system for the coming meal. They are made with a host of flavors from citrus fruits to herbs. Different regions in these countries will have their own individual aperitif or aperitivo. This particular drink has not really been revitalized as much as introduced to the other side of the Atlantic.

Every once in a while a truly novel idea comes along. The rest of the time new ideas and trends are more like modified variations of old ideas and trends. This is true in many aspects of life and certainly in the drink world. It does not mean however, that these reintroductions are not as exciting, new, and fresh feeling. In fact, these revivals are well received and people are often grateful to be reminded of something great they almost forgot.

Make The Most Of Your Night Out

How to make the most of your night out is often easier than you think. Everyone is always looking for a unique way to spend a night out. Bars that incorporate laundry mats, art studios where you can paint a poor picture while you dine or drink, are just a couple examples of the lengths people go for a unique evening of leisure. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, it just takes some imagination. Something as simple as casual dinning can become an evening to remember with just a little imagination.

It is an unwritten rule, that should be broken, that you have to consume all courses of a meal in the same establishment. Make the most of a dinner out and have each course at a different restaurant. It is easy to get accustomed to a favorite restaurant and not venture out. So, when you finally do venture out, try as many places as possible. Split the appetizer, main course, and the dessert going to a new place for each. You cover more ground visiting three places versus one and it makes for a really fun dinner date.

Another way to make the most of your leisure time is to switch up the actual time of day you choose. It is amazing how much influence the time of day has on the activity that you do. Even if your heart is set on casual dinning as an activity, this still varies greatly depending on the time of day. Instead of another dinner date consider a breakfast date. A great night out can just as easily be a great morning out. Brunch is another great time of the day to go out for food. It is a versatile time when you can get a wide variety of cuisines and experience restaurants that are not open for dinner.

A restaurant is not the only place to enjoy a meal, outdoors or at a friends house works just as good. Any meal, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner can be enjoyed in the great outdoors. Preparing food outside or simply consuming food outside is a completely different experience than inside. It can also be a nice change of pace to prepare a meal at someone else’s house.

These are just a few ways to make the most of your night out, or day. Just a touch of imagination can go a long way with even something as basic as eating a meal.

Getting The Most From Casual Dining

If you are wondering how to get the best casual dining experience, the following tips can help to ensure a memorable and enjoyable meal.

Eating out can be costly, and it isn’t unusual for a meal for a family of four to cost around $100 at one of America’s popular casual dining chains. You can save money by looking online for coupons, which often offer a dollar amount off the bill, or a buy one entrée, get one free. And signing up for your favorite restaurant’s frequent diner or frequent guest program can also save you money, or better still, limit your wait at busy times.

And it is possible to wait up to an hour to eat on busy evenings, especially Fridays and Saturdays, holidays and special events. One way to get the most out of your casual dining experience is to avoid peak dining times or take advantage of the call ahead seating offered by many restaurant chains. Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be slow in the restaurant business, and you can often have the place almost to yourself.

Where you sit in the restaurant can also affect your overall dining experience. If possible, avoid taking a table near the door, the bar or the kitchen, all of which can be noisy locations, with people walking past you regularly. A booth offers more space and privacy than a table, and if you don’t like where the hostess seats you, it’s acceptable to ask for something different.

Sampling something new on the menu is always exciting, although if you don’t like to take risks, you may want to stay with the tried and tested dishes offered by most American casual dining chains. Chicken and steak dishes, ribs and burgers are nearly always well cooked and won’t disappoint. Some chains offer combos, such as steak and seafood, and most now allow you to explore the menu online before you even set foot in the restaurant.

Finally, remember that your wait staff would like a positive experience too; always treat restaurant staff respectfully and courteously and don’t forget to add on a tip.

3 Tips For Finding The Best Restaurants Near You

Finding the best restaurants near you is easy, but you do want to keep a few tips in mind. If you want to find out what those tips are, then continue to read on.

1. Use The Internet Or Download An App
Use your favorite search engine to find restaurants in your area or better yet, download a restaurant finder app or use a restaurant finder website. This is the quickest way to find what is in your area.

2. Menu & Price Is Important
Now that you know what restaurants are near you, the most important thing is to look at the menu/food selection of the restaurants listed. Figure out what kind of cuisine you are craving, and then have a look at those restaurants’ menus. For example, if you want Chinese food, then adjust the results to show Chinese food restaurants.


The best restaurants will have an extensive food and drink menu. Not only is food selection important, but so is price. Determine what kind of money you’re willing to spend and then search for restaurants that fall within your budget.

3. Read Reviews
Don’t forget to read reviews. What you really want to find out is the quality of food being served at the restaurants you are researching. If there are many reviews praising a restaurant’s food and menu selection, as well as customer service and only a few negative reviews, the chances are the restaurant is worth going to. However, if there are more negative than positive reviews or just as many positive and negative reviews, then this might not be a good sign. The more positive reviews a restaurant has about their food and service, the better.

It is important to choose a restaurant that serves quality food, but it’s also important to find a restaurant that is clean. Make sure to view pictures of the inside of the restaurants you’re looking at and see if reviews mention anything about cleanliness.

Now you know how to go about finding the best restaurants near you. All you have to do now is begin your search and keep the above advice in mind.

Discover The Quaint Charm Of Casual Dining

Casual dining is fast gaining importance in the dating scene due to its flexible, relaxed and free environment on offer. The Winnipeg casual dining scene has become very rampant with many restaurants and parlors opening up. Some have even made an appearance in many famous restaurant lists.
There are many types of Casual dining restaurants

• Traditional Casual Dining
These are part of a segment which falls between fast foods and fine dining restaurants. They offer buffet or table service as per your choice. Usually you would find that these eating establishments are part of a food chain, however, many times they are independently owned as well.

Nowadays, many of these restaurants have a separate bar counter with trained bar staff. The food served would be moderately priced in a casual yet charming ambiance.

• Fast Casual Dining
As the name suggests you get fast food. However, rather than eating at bar stools out of disposable plates and cutlery, you get seated at a table. The ambience is that of a fast food, however, you get to enjoy your meal in a relaxed environment. Chipotle is a great example.

Family Style Casual Dining
Alcohol is a major factor which sets these apart. Also, you might have to serve yourself. The décor is family friendly and usually these restaurants have buffet service. At a family style casual dining restaurant you do not have to worry about your children running around the tables.

Why Casual dining?
There are a lot of factors which can persuade you to make a switch from fine dining or fast food to casual dining.

• Budget
You do not have to shell out much to gain a good dining experience at casual dining.

• Food options
There are many healthy eating options at these restaurants. Also, you get higher quality products as compared with fast food joints.

• Cleanliness
Facility is clean and checked by officials regularly. There is less chance of food poisoning in these establishments.

There are many casual dining options in Winnipeg to choose from. The quaint charm which does not dent your pocket will make you a fan of this experience.